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The Spinderella Family

Jim and Lynn Snell are the owner/operators of

Spinderellas Creations

Besides our Custom Fiber Mill, our family is very very important to us. 

As grandparents we see God's fullfillment of Proverbs 17:6

"“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged."

Our oldest daughter, Shae, lives a few blocks away. So nice to have family close by. She is a haridresser, and keeps us looking our best- at least our hair.

Her son , Jarron, is our oldest grandson. He is quite talented. He love to skateboard, play football, hang out with family and is a joy to be around.

Deanie is the boss here at Spinderellas. He keeps us moving and smiling.

Deanie was born in 1987, and affectedby a virus called CMV. He is deaf and a quadrupeligic, but he is the love of our lives. He LOVES everything Baseball- especially the Colorado Rockies. 

A small family gathering


Deanie enjoys being silly like the rest of us.  He loves being with his family - skiing, playing t-ball and yelling at the dogs. 

We are so thankful to GOD every day, for the gift he has given us in our son. HE has sustained Deanie, given him life and blessed us so much.

Our other kids.... a very big part of our lives.

From Left to Right- Drew - Shae - Fallon   

Our oldest son, Drew, lives in Portland,Oregon with our newest daughter, Leslie and our grandson, Cash. 

We miss being able to live close by , but thankful for the internet.

So proud of our little "red-headed family".

Drew is a Special Education Teacher in the Portland school district, Leslie is a Manager of a local Pub and Dining establishment.

They have been able to manage to work their schedules around being home with Cash. 

cash and leslie

                      Cash keeps his parents

                        on the move and the rest of us


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Jarron is a joy to be around. A caring and entrepreneurial young man. If you chose to have us make your dryer balls- he is the man!

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Our youngest daughter, Fallon, and our son Jeffery (her husband), lives in Anacortes, Wa. 

Jeffrey works for Tesoro, as an inspector and Fallon is a stay at home mom of two. 

Miss them living a few minutes away, but it gives us a beautiful place to visit.

Jarron is a joy to be around. A caring and entrepreneurial young man. If you chose to have us make your dryer balls- he is the man!

Our wonderful Anacotes gang.

Azriela - or Rella as we call her


Ezekiel - we call him Zz

Jeffery and Fallon have been blessed with 2 wonderful kiddos.

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Rella is know as Grandad's Flower Girl. She is a lot of fun to be around. She has been diagnosed on the spectrum and PSD, but they really keep her active. No stopin this girl!!

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Ezekiel is our tap dancing cowboy. Not only does Zz love roping, but he loves tap dancing. Quite the young talent - he plays drums, soccer and basketball. He keeps us young.

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Visiting with Lynn's mom and dad, 

Faith and Andrew Stegon, who live in Puelo West Colorado.

We just don't get to see them often enough.

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Our History

since 1995

Our Original Logo

The journey began 30+ years ago, when Lynn learned to weave. Not being able to find the yarns she envisioned, she learned to spin so she could have more of a variety of things to work with. In weaving, you have a lot of loom waste, called "Thrums". Not wanting to waste those precious handspun yarns, Lynn began to cut up and toss those thrums into freshly dyed wool and have them carded together.

Local spinners saw her spinning these clouds, and asked if they could buy them. Lynn's 1st reaction was to say, No, but soon thought it was a way to make some extra money; the problem was she did not want to spin the yarn just to cut it back up again, as the demand for Thrums™ was growing. Through a series of contacts in buying the much needed scrap yarns from producers, she met a gentleman who suggested she buy her own carder and make the Thrums™ herself. He was able to help Lynn purchase a card, which became known as Meriwether.

There was much work involved in taking a 1923 circa, Davis and Ferber card and getting her to work. It took a year 0f cleaning, purchasing missing pieces, to get Meriether up and running. At that time, she stayed machine green, and we did not take on customers for a year. We opened the doors in 1995 with washing and carding services only.

Meriwether Before
Ms Meriwether in 1995
Meriwether Before
Ms Meriwether in 2016
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Gandolf and Gert
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The Mill Building

Jim and Lynn met in the summer of 2003, fell in love and the rest is history. The began to grow the Spinderella business by adding spinning in 2004. They quickly saw the need for other equipment to help produce products their customers could sell. Spinderella's has grown to be a full service fiber mill, offering washing, carding, spinning, felting, ropes and other services like dryer ball and pillow making.

Our Mission

since 1995

slow making movement

Jim and Lynn Snell have been encouraging our customers to promote the “slow making” and “slow textile” movement that reconnects us to the source of the fibers we wear and use in our homes. This is similar to the farm-to-fork, “slow food” movement, that reconnects us to our food.

Education of animal raisers, shepherds and shepherdess’, who in turn will educate the public, is of prime importance at Spinderella’s Fiber Mill. Offering a unique, farm to home product is what many people are looking for. Many consumers desire to know where their products come from, how it’s made, but most importantly, they are looking for a comfort level in how you treat both animals and land.

One of our main goals, besides offering high quality products created for the individual rancher and fleece in mind, is the Education of our customers. We offer them encouragement and ideas to help them sell their value added products. Our desire is to give our customers reasons to encourage the purchase of their own products, being proud that their yarns, felt, fleeces and roving come from small family farms and ranches who desire to advance their sustainability efforts of their land and animals. We LOVE our people, their animals, and care deeply about the relationships we cultivate. Ask many of our customers, turned friends, it is a circle of caring that reaches beyond making a dollar and fiber manufacturing.
As we walk this venture together, let us never forget, and continue to teach others about the thoughtfulness and ecologically friendly products each ranch represents, offering good from the ground up, creating a unique and truly American product, We hope in a small way, we are encouraging an economic and rural revival of America.

May GOD bless you and your family today with His abundant mercies and LOVE.
We thank HIM daily for the opportunity to work with some wonderful fibers and the people HE has created.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV)
““Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NKJV)

Don't take our word for it....

Here are a few of the comments from the many letters we received last year about the work we did for them. 

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Thank you back- these comments make us blush


The yarn arrived. Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous. Thank you!!! 

Regina Dale - Texas

Hey Folks, Just wanted you to know that my yarn arrived last week, I think, and I am very pleased with it. I'm almost finished knitting the first skein into a fine hat for my husband, who is my chief sheep wrangler! It's beautiful. I plan to share a few skeins with my church's knitting group.Thanks again for a lovely job. I do hope this is the beginning of a long association. Keep smiling, Becky Walker -SC

Hi!! Rec'd pkg today with roving and just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Thank you for doing such wonderful quality work....Myrna Ruth Horton

The yarn arrived today and I am so pleased. You do a beautiful, meticulous job. I'm especially grateful because those sheep were always favorites of mine and I waited until very late to keep their fleeces for myself. I'm going to enjoy using it very much!  Thank you again, Marion Puerzer - NM

Working to make you happy....

You are the


in the business!

LOVE Your willingness to

create one-of-a-kind

roving and yarns.....

Brenda Collins- CA

Have tried other places before finding U

No one can

touch the job

you do with my mohair.



Leslie Hanson- OR

I just got my first Spinderella's creations and I'm so happy! All that work I didn't have to do and now wool ready for me to use.  You did a great job. Thank you for the samples before/after re-washing.

Thanx so much- Missy- NE


What a wonderful box of goodies I found on my doorstep tonight when I got home. I love the squishy yarn, the rug yarn, all the skeins. I am so happy!!!!!! Thank you so much for your skillful and creative handling of my fibers. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I so appreciate you making choices that you felt were best for my fiber. You did a tremendous job! 

I just want you to know how delighted I am. In all the years that I have been having fiber processed this has been the absolute best experience. Everything has just felt right since our very first chat. I can’t wait to send you some more fleece.

My heartfelt thanks,


Dear Jim and Lynn

Just a quick not to let you know how pleased I am with the Jacob wool you processed. The yarn is just gorgeous and the roving is winking at me ;). I already started a project with the white sport weight and look forward to work with the remaining.

I still have the shetland fleeces to sift through but do not expect to have that project complete until the fall. I'll let you know ;).

Have a great spring and summer.

Kindest regards,

Lori Goldsmith

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Absolutely Beautiful Work!!

I just had to write and let you know how much I love my rugs. Lynn and Deanna did a beautuful job. So many of my customers have commented on purchasing them as soon as I get them priced. 

I should have had you make me a few lead ropes to match because one customer told me they would make wonderful horse blankets. 

Thank you again for the work you do. I appreciate the way you take time to make my fibers something I would make if aI could.


Susie and David

We want to say thank you

You have made Spinderellas what it is today!

HIS Peace Always-

Jim-Lynn and Deanie Snell

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