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Though not a pattern writer by trade, Lynn has come up with a few patterns to help people know what to do with their yarns or yarns purchased from us. We hope this will give you some ideas and help you on your journey with natural yarns. Yes, you can use these patterns for any yarn, but make sure you are using the size yarn that is suggested.  

Papuchi Slippers

Lynn's Baba- grandmother, came from Russia and used to make these Papuchi for all of us kids. Papuchi means big floppy feet. We wore them so much she was always making new ones for us. Enjoy a family tradition of ours. Maybe you will be creating one for your family. VERY easy to make.

Calf Hugger Socks

Lynn designed these socks when her then, 12 year old daughter, asked her to make socks that wouldn't fall down. Thus the calf hugger socks were born.This is a very old photo, will have to knit a pair soon and get a better photo taken. Sorry so grainy.

Euro Tam Pattern

This easy and quick to knit , tam pattrern was made with this young beauty in mind. She is now a successful buisness woman in her 20's. WOW how time flies!

Deanie's Squishy Yarn Blanket

Quick and easy, this pattern uses Spinderellas Squishy Yarn and size 36 or 50 knitting needles. Have an evening? Knit a blanket!

Crochet Rug Pattern

Did you have rug yarn made but don't weave? Try crocheting one instead.

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