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From raw fleece to finished product, we work with you every step of the way to create a product you can be proud of. we guarantee it!

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We really know how to spin a yarn- and that ain't no fish tale!


Do you knit, crochet or weave? We spin yarns to work best for your application

From a bulky singles to laceweight yarn for that perfect summer shawl

How about some chunky rug  or squishy yarn for a big chunky cowl

Maybe something fun with color, silk, and more!

Would you rather spin the yarn yourself?


We will DRY






Ship it Home to Ewe

Custom Processed by Jim and Lynn

Working with you to create your brand

how cool is that?

Handmade leads by Spinderellas Creations

Custom  Custom Custom

Whether your goal is for projects for yourself or you want to sell your fibers, we can help you get there. If you do not want to do the work yourself, we can turn your fibers into felt, rope, scarves, blackets, and rugs. 

Give us a call - 801.668.0563 

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1923 Circa Davis & Ferber Card

Ms Meriwether- the star of the show

Meet Meriwether - a 1923 circa carder and the start of processing your beautiful fibers. 

She has an "opener or burr breast" where most of the fibers are opened. after they been  hand teased by us. 

She keeps turnin and whirlin !

Create Something Special


Spinderella's Creations

Check out WooliePig Studios for wonderful finished goods from small family farms and businesses

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We are not accepting any new customers at this time. If you have not already had an order processed by Spinderellas, we do not consider you a customer. This page is to inform our current customer base of currect pricing.
Phone conversations in the past do not count. Sorry.

Prices listed below are per pound 
Minimum order is 2 ( two) pounds at finished weight, if not, you will be charged 2 pounds per process for each fleece.
All fiber must be properly sorted & skirted prior to arriving at Spinderellas Creations Fiber Mill.
Prices below are dependant on acceptable fiber quality, please see our Sorting & Skirting page for more information.
Spinderellas Creations reserves the right to throw away or return fiber that is not properly sorted and skirted, at the owner's expense.
Prices do not include shipping and handling or applicable taxes
Prices may be subject to change without notice
Payments made by check or money order should be made payable to Spinderellas Creations and you must specify that at the time of billing.
You will have 3 days to pay your bill to recieve volume discounts. After 15 days, customer will be charged a $15 late fee. 
Balances owing on finished product after 30 days from completion of processing becomes the property of Spinderellas Creations
Fiber left for 4 months without direction of processing, after being contacted by us, will become property of Spinderellas Creations
Fiber arriving in house without proper paperwork or identification becomes property of Spinderellas Creations, we simply do not have time to track owners of sent fiber
At management's discretion, a fee may be charged for having to discard large amounts of unusable fiber


  • $ 4 per pound Wool
  • $5.50 per pound Huacaya Alpaca
  • $6.50 per pound Suri Alpaca
  • $8 per pound Wash Only
  • $8 per pound Re-wash your "washed" fibers
  • $1.50 per pound extra to sort
  • $2 per pound to skirt heavy vm, belly wool, guard hair in alpaca, etc.
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Washing is the most important step to quality fiber processing, whether for roving, yarn or felt. We prefer to wash your fibers in the mill to assure you of getting quality finished product in return.

Spinderella's hand washes every fleece in a separate tub, going through 2 or three washes and around 3 -4 rinses to rid the fleeces of grease, dirt and oils. Each wash takes approximately three hours and Lynn can wash about 10 pounds of fiber per tub.
Once washed,we dry the  fiber on our drying racks under gentle fans. We continue to hand fluff the fibers as it is drying.  It can  take from 24- 72 hours to fully dry.

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We use Dawn, as we have found it cleans the fibers well and is gentle on the fibers. Is is also good on the pocket book. We have tried using expensive soaps, but feel there is no benefit to how the fiber feels after washing. If we actually found a benefit to using them we certainly would, but would have to pass the added costs on to you.

If you have washed your fibers, you will be charged the carding charge only, if the fibers are clean enough to be carded. Often dirt and lanolin are left on fleeces sent in by customers and we will wash them without contacting you about further processing costs. So please be careful when sending in "clean fleeces."
Use our How to Wash PDF


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Carding is a process that combs or brushes fiber to produce a continuous web or roving suitable for spinning or felting. This is achieved by passing the fibers between differentially moving surfaces covered with card clothing.
Our carder is named "Meriwether".

Spinderellas can process your raw wool into roving or batts or clouds. The price includes hand picking the locks open, as we feel pickers are too agressive on most fibers, tumbling, and carding your fibers into rovings or batts. Often we will run a fiber through our carder twice to remove heavy veggie matter. You will be charged for that as well as extra for the wear and tear on the carding cloth due to heavy VM.

Though many companies charge based on incoming weight, from start to finish, we separate the cost for washing and carding separately. We feel this is the only fair way to charge you, as we have no idea what will be lost in washing, tumbling and carding.

If you have washed your fibers, you will be charged the carding charge only, if the fibers are clean enough to be carded. Often dirt and lanolin are left on fleeces sent in by customers and we will wash them without contacting you about further processing costs. So please be careful when sending in "clean fleeces."
Use our How to Wash PDF

Prices are for ALL fiber types.
Lynn is very alergic to rabbit fluff.

Also note that there are times we are not able to card your fibers into a roving without the addition of wool.
We do have these fibers available for purchase.

Spinning Beautiful Yarns

Variety of yarns by Spinderellas

Spinning is the art of twisting fiber into a continuous thread by using a spinning wheel or drop spindle or in our case a ring spinner. The thread or yarn is spun thick or thin, plied or un-plied, and can later be dyed or left natural. Many fibers can be spun to make an incredible yarn. We spin wool, alpaca, mohair, blended with each other or adding the likes of bamboo, silk, threads, sparkle, etc.

The spinning services at Spinderella's Creations and Fiber Mill have met with rave reviews from small ranch and animal lovers across the continental US and Alaska. Jim will spin yarns to your specifications and present you with a quality yarn you’ll be pleased to use and sell.

We offer one, two or three ply yarns from lace to bulky, and very thick yarns the size of your pinky finger, we call Big Stitches Squishy Yarn, and Rug Yarn.

We love to create fun yarns with your fibers too. We can dye them or add other colored fibers like merino or bamboo to make a colorful blend. We call them Twist yarns. They are the yarns in the photos that look "tweedy". We can also make "ragg yarns" which are the barbar pole look in the photos.
These are an extra $1 per pound.

If you’re not sure what you want, we’ll be happy to offer our advice. If you have a favored yarn, we ask you send a 12" sample for Jim to try and match. Our goal is to provide you with the best yarn possible from each of your fleeces. All fiber is good for something, whether that be a lovely lace weight yarn or a rug yarn, if you are not sure, we can help.

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Yarn prices do not include washing. 2 pound minimum charge per run

Yardage on uncounted skeins are approximate, we will run off bobbins and not mark them. All yarn is steam set.
If you want them marked, then you will want counted skeins. Counted skeins on yarn is 20 cents per skein.
Counted bumps on rug or squishy yarn is 50 cents. 
10% Discount   for orders with a cumulative weight of 25 and over.

Type of Yarn
LOPI Single 
2 ply Worsted/ 3 ply bulky
2 ply dk-Sport/ 3 ply worsted
2 ply Fingering/ 3 ply DK
2 ply lace/ 3 ply sport
2 ply x- fine lace/ 3 ply finger
cobweb lace
rug yarn
squishy yarn
Weight of Single
up to  800 ypp
UP TO  800 ypp
801 - 2400 YPP 2401-3200 ypp
3201- 4000 ypp
4001 - 4800 ypp
4801 - 5400 ypp
5401 -6200 ypp
40-50 ypp
40-50 ypp
Yards per skein
100 yard skeins
100 yard skeins
250 yard skeins
300 yard skeins
400 yard skeins
400 yard skeins
500 yard skeins
500 yard skeins
250 yard bumps
250 yard bumps
Price per Pound
$18 per pound
$22 per pound
$25 per pound
$29 per pound
$33 per pound
$42 per pound
$47 per pound
$52 per pound
$13.75 per pound
$14.75 per pound

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