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There are quite a few types and styles of yarn we make for ourselves and our customers. We can spin weaving and knitting yarns, in natural and dyed colors as well as the very thick yarns that are wonderful for felting or that instant gratification project!. We enjoy thinking outside the box to create those unique yarns that help you sell your fibers. There is nothing like going through a market of vendors selling yarns that all look the same, until they come upon your booth and see something different. We love helping you create a brand that is uniquely your own is what we enjoy! Below are a few styles to show you a bit of variety. If you have an idea in mind that you don't see displayed, all you need do is ask us, we enjoy a creative challenge and promise to help you get an end result you will be proud of.  

Different Types of Yarn we Spin as well as some informational videos: 

Why there are "poofy spots" in your yarn.
How you will get your yarns back from us.

These yarns are what we term as Twist Yarn. They are a tweed yarn that shows off colors.

Spinderellas Twist Yarn
2 Ply worsted Twist Yarn
Ocean Blue Twist Yarn
Ocean Blue Twist Yarn Hat
A Twist yarn skein and knitted up tam.
Twist Yarn in naturals
A Natural Twist Yarn

Here are a few other yarns we have spun. The names are under the photo. Hover the photo to enlarge.

Spinderellas Ragg Yarn
3 Ply and 2 Ply Ragg Yarn
These can be done in multiple colors 
Mutli-colored Ragg Yarn
Multi-colored Ragg Yarn
Natural Yarn on Cones
We offer cones yarns
Spinderellas Thrums Yarn
Thrum Yarns
made by adding bits of re-cycled yarns
Spinderellas Rug Yarn
Multi-colored Pebbles Rug Yarn
Spinderella Rug yarns
Rug yarns in naturals and color
Spinderellas Squishy Yarn
Squishy Yarns
Spinderellas Squishy Yarn
Knitting on US35 needles
Spinderellas Thrums Yarn
Crocheting Squishy Yarn

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